Solution Publishing B-to-B Online Publishing and Lead Generation

Lead Generation

  • Solution Publishing has a unique approach to lead generation and nurturing. We consider ourselves a host, like at a nice dinner party. Our job is to deeply understand our readers and marketing partners in order to make highly relevant connections that create value. This is successfully done with a delicate balance of knowledge, timing and method. A name and a title is important; but, knowing the why, when and how of an introduction is an art. It is what we do with the help of proprietary technology, a unique methodology and eagerness to successfully serve our readers and marketing partners.

  • Solution Publishing’s expertise is developing highly relevant introductions to business leaders and influencers of by way of syndicating your content within our IT, Human Resources, Small Business and B-to-B communities. Solution Publishing’s readership of 2,000,000+ opt-in professionals value our online journals as a portal to vocational interests and a research tool to explore and compare business solutions.

  • Solution Publishing has a strict quality orientation, which has earned us the opportunity to serve some of the most discerning clients. Our client retention rate is 83% and we thrive on performance metrics. We are often our clients’ most preferred lead generation and nurturing partner. The greatest compliments are our clients’ request for more Solution Publishing leads.